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SkyTrak Golf Simulators

SkyTrak Golf Simulators


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Description: The first personal launch monitor of its kind, SkyTrak is a realistic and real-time golf practice and play system. SkyTrak connects wirelessly to your iPad Air, then accurately captures and displays launch data and ball flight as soon as you hit the ball. You’ll see the ball fly and receive instant feedback on every shot.

SkyTrak is a revolutionary development in launch monitor technology. It’s a small package with a lot of power. Here are some of the advanced features you’ll find in SkyTrak. We think you’ll agree, it’s in a class of its own.

Accurate and Affordable
Stay sharp even when you can’t make it to the course. SkyTrak is a fun, yet serious tool designed specifically to help you improve your game.

Realistic Ball Flight
Get immediate feedback on every shot with instant 3D visualization, powered by SkyTrak’s advanced flight model and ball spin measurement.

Practice Anywhere
Finally you can play golf and practice on your own terms. SkyTrak’s unique design is completely wireless, giving you the freedom to play anywhere.

SkyTrak Golf Simulators



  • Photometric Launch Monitor
  • Completely Wireless Design
  • iPad Compatible
  • Professional-Grade Accuracy
  • Robust Set of Measured Parameters •Ball Speed
    • Launch Angle
    • Back Spin
    • Side Spin
    • Side Angle

Practice With A Purpose: Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor, Joe Hallett, shows that by adding SkyTrak to your practice sessions, you will begin to see big improvements out on the golf course, and that’s where it really matters.



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