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Sports Coach Golf Simulators Tracking Technology

Sports Coach Golf Simulators Tracking Technology

Sports Coach Golf Simulators Tracking Technology

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Tracking Technology

With two high speed cameras operating at 90 degree angles of each other you are getting ball and club measurements that are then relayed to the host computer and compiled for a true to life replication of the golf shot that was just taken.

The two micro cameras use high quality CMOS sensor to capture up to 1000 frames per second at 60Hz. Each lens produces a wide angle of view, capturing multiple images of ball at impact, in flight and just before the screen. Once the object is detected it is tracked with precise accuracy in 30 positions from the original strike point to ten feet of ball flight. The golf club is also tracked for 2 feet, before impact and the follow through. The Sports Coach Tracking Technology accurately detects and measures this data and mirrors exactly the golfer's ball flight and swing performance for a more realistic indoor golf experience, whether for entertainment, practice, or instruction.

Camera Data

The overhead high speed camera tracks the ball from impact and also notifies the system that an event has occurred. Simultaneously the overhead camera detects and measures the exact horizontal launch angle, club speed, swing path, and the face angle with respect to the target line. The overhead camera is also used for putting when the golf simulator engine is in putting mode. All of this data is relayed via high speed USB 2.0 interface to an enhanced host computer control, thus enabling the software to fully produce a three dimensional ball flight for accurate and reliable indoor golf play, practice or instruction.

The side high speed camera tracks the golf ball from impact and continues to track it as it approaches the impact projection screen. Exactly measuring the vertical launch angle, ball speed. All shots can be taken, from the highest lob shot to shots that are hit along the ground, registering all bad and good shots taken. In game play or practice, choosing to use a wedge or a 7 iron from just off of the green fully illustrates the power of the side cameras ability to detect and measure the shots trajectory and reproduce an image that you would expect to see. The ball speed is measured accurately to display the ball flight through the air in the game software. Again, all of this data is sent via high speed USB 2.0 to a second enhanced host controller, the second host controller is utilized as to avoid the volume of information being relayed by the overhead camera will not affect the data from the side camera and vice versa.

Sports Coach Systems has exhibited a superior knowledge and application of the technological advance of high speed camera object detection and tracking, and thereby deserves the well earned place in our commercial grade golf simulator category. Sports Coach Golf Simulators are sure to provide an interruption free indoor golf experience, whether in a high end home or a busy commercial environment.


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