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Sports Coach Golf Simulators Digital Video Swing Analysis

Sports Coach Golf Simulators Digital Video Swing Analysis

Sports Coach Golf Simulators Digital Video Swing Analysis



Digital Video Swing Analysis System can consist of 1 or 2 cameras, that come in either black & white or color. Each camera that you add, Precision Sports includes an LCD Video Screen to output the swing analysis to for critical review.

With the pricing starting at $3600, the SCS Digitial Video Swing Analysis is a cost effective value add-on. Whether you are a golf instructor or an avid golfer looking to improve your game, adding the SCS Digital Video Swing Analysis is a powerful tool/resource for game improvement.

Swing Analysis System Features:

  • Fully Integratable with all Sports Coach System Golf Simulators
  • Up to 2 cameras (includes a separate LCD for viewing)
  • Effortlessly capture the swing from the head on angle or down the line angle, or both
  • Full golf simulator integration makes it so that the video capture is automatic with your swing, no need to initiate the camera, just take your swing
  • Track the club head throughout the entire swing, and on review, speed it up, slow it down, or stop for evaluation
  • All swings and swing data are individually saved and recorded to that golfers swing database for review at any time

Take a look at the SCS Video Swing Analysis in action, and decide for yourself how this resource can help you.


Common Uses:
  • Professional Golf Instruction
  • Self Improvement

# of Cameras Color or B&W List Price
1 Black & White $3,600
2 Black & White $6,000
1 Color $4,700
2 Color $7,600

(Please note - For your convenience we have added a 21.5 inch LCD Monitor for swing analysis review, if you have a monitor, let us know, so that we can adjust your price, accordingly.)


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