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Midi Maxx Ski Slope Simulators Albany NY

Midi Maxx Ski Slope Simulators Albany NY





Description: Indoor Ski Slopes or a Ski Simulator. Maxxtracks has made skiing available to everyone. Every industry must educate, train, and entertain their patrons. Indoor Ski Slopes covers all of those bases. Learn to ski with up to 5 others on an indoor ski slope for as little as $30 per lesson. After just a few lessons, you will be SKI READY. Find out where you can either learn to ski, practice, train, or simply brush up just before going on your ski holiday this winter.

Maxxtracks is the premier brand in Indoor Ski Slope Simulators. Arete, is the manufacturer of the Maxxtracks Indoor Ski Slope Simulator, was founded in 1991, with a focus on sports and active recreation, and has been supplying Maxxtracks Indoor Ski Slopes to indoor ski centers and sports clubs all across Europe for over 10 years.

The Indoor Ski Center business model is fresh and new for the United States, and we fully expect it to be a fully viable and valuable addition to the Outdoor Ski Industry. With a focus on offering a sophisticated training method to beginners and professionals, the Maxxtracks Indoor Ski Slope Simulator is sure to bring new skiers to the industry, recapture formers skiers, and become a high value resource for experienced and professional skiers looking to train and advance their technique.

  • Learning to ski
  • Practicing or just brushing up on skills before vacation
  • Proficient skiers practicing and/or training
  • Exercise/Fitness Benefits


  • Gross length +/- 11,25 mtr. Net 'skiing' length 7,50 mtr
  • Gross width +/- 6,75 mtr. Net 'skiing' width 5 mtr
  • Weight +/- 5.000 kg
  • Adjustable in height
  • Continuously adjustable speed, 22 kW. frequency converter
  • Motorreductor 3PE/400V 50Hz
  • Slave control panel with analogue indication of speed reference
  • Radio-controlled
  • 4 emergency shut-down switches on/at the slope
  • Rollers dynamically balanced
  • 18 mm. Multi-plex subfloor
  • Undermat: 3 layers of polyester fabric (lowest layer "whisper fabric")
  • Upper mat artificial grass, MAXX-GRASS™ white
  • Fence all around
  • Front handrail
  • Front platform 6,75 x 1,25 x +/- 0,50 mtr
  • Fixing materials are all of electrogalvanised and/or of stainless steel
  • Platforms have been finished with 18 mm. Multi-plex
  • Steel construction, corrosion protected with epoxy primer
  • Facilitates uncomplicated installation and removal

Price: Please Call 518-456-4386 For Price

Prices are subject to change without notice. Please call (518) 456-4386 or email for more information.

Maxxtracks Indoor Artificial Ski Slopes

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